MelatrolMost prescription and over the counter sleep products are tranquilizers that can be addictive to the user. With that in mind, it is no wonder that so many people continue to suffer through sleepless nights and avoid any sleep aids that could affect more than just their sleep patterns.

Even worse is the fact that most of the sleep aids available on the market do not really help you sleep – instead they work by knocking you completely out.

If you take one of these aids, or even worse try drinking alcohol to sleep, you will wake up even more tired and feeling worse than when you went to sleep. Even though you might have been sleeping, you didn’t really get a good night’s sleep.

Thankfully, there is at least one product on the market that is natural and that can provide a good night’s rest. Melatrol helps you to feel well rested and refreshed, something that you won’t find with many of the other available products.

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What is Melatrol?

Melatrol is a natural sleep inducing supplement that contains a formula which acts the same as your body’s normal sleep processes, allowing you to fall asleep naturally.

The ingredients have been used for many years, with the main ingredient being melatonin. Melatonin has long been recognized as the sleep inducing ingredient found in turkey.

Another natural amino acid which has been used to assist in sleeping, called 5-HTP, is also found in Melatrol. This ingredient helps to reduce anxiety that is often a major cause of sleep difficulties. Whether you are lying awake worrying over money, family problems or work concerns, 5-HTP helps you to fall asleep.

In order to understand the effectiveness of this ingredient, it is important to point out that 5-HTP is also used for treating social anxiety disorder. This is a serious condition that causes sufferers to avoid social situations due to fear and severe anxiety.

Since Melatrol doesn’t knock you out like other sleep aids, you will wake up feeling much more rested and able to function at your highest ability. It calms you down enough to allow you to have the recommended eight hours of sleep that is needed for optimum health.

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How Does Melatrol Work?

In today’s world, everyone is bombarded with environmental influences like music, computers, television sets and other influences that affect our body’s ability to calm down.

Combined with the everyday stresses that keep us awake at night, sleeping can be a challenge. Melatrol acts by calming the body and mind enough that the person is able to fall asleep completely naturally.

Benefits of Melatrol

  •  Drug free solution
  •  Relieves anxiety from daily stress
  •  Proven to help the body relax
  •  Maintains healthy sleep cycles
  •  Lets you wake up feeling awake and energized


MelatrolMelatrol is a natural sleep aid that works fast, and is not habit forming. It works naturally by calming your body and mind allowing you to get a peaceful night’s rest.

There is no expensive prescription needed. If you suffer from any kind of sleep difficulties, then Melatrol is a perfect solution to helping you get that much needed rest.

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