Why is Sleep So Important?

Sleep is probably the most understated function of your body. It’s something you do every day of your life, though many of us humans seem to work to get as little of it as possible.

Sleeping helps your body recover from physical and mental work. The total rest allows your brain to make neurological connections, strengthen immune systems, and go through the day’s information. In a way, it is rebooting itself so that you are ready for another day’s worth of activity when you wake up.

Given how sleep plays an important role in keeping you physically and mentally healthy, the side effects of not getting enough of it are worrying:

    – Memory Problems

    – Paranoia

    – Hallucinations

    – Obesity

    – Heart Disease

    – High Blood Pressure

    – Depression

    – Diabetes

When sleep deprivation starts getting in the way of work or our health, it’s time to take action against it.

What Keeps You From Falling Asleep?

A typical culprit for sleep deprivation is stress. Try as you might to drift off into dreamland, your brain is far too active with thoughts and anxieties to want to give you a rest. Other contributors include sleeping environment, irregular sleeping times for those who work at night, and physical activity close to bedtime.

Although some factors that cause sleep deprivation can be eliminated, others just can’t be helped.


Melatonin is a hormone secreted by your body that aids it into a natural sleep cycle. This hormone is responsible for making you feel sleepy so that you can drift off without any trouble. Obviously, melatonin is not produced by your body in the same desired amount every night before bed.

Melatrol is an over-the-counter sleeping aid that works through life’s distractions and focuses you into falling asleep. It contains natural ingredients and the all-important Melatonin.

Melatrol is also a natural sleep aid that doesn’t contain harmful drugs. It doesn’t give you the hung-over feeling the day after you take it, which other sleeping pills result to. You are also in no risk of developing a dependence on Melatrol as opposed to pharmaceutical sleeping pills that contain potentially dangerous substances.

By taking Melatrol every night, it has the positive side effect of regulating your sleeping patterns. People who wake up numerous times in the middle of the night slowly adjust into a more regular cycle of rest and wakefulness.

More sleep means you’re into a much lesser stressful state. Waking up, you will feel more energized and prepared for another day rather than feel sleep-deprived and hitting the snooze button every five minutes.

Whether you’re a chronic insomniac or just experience the occasional sleepless night, Melatrol does its part to get you relaxed so that you can slide into your healthy and natural sleep cycle.

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